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A Royal Quilt Shoppe


Our Story

A Royal Quilt Shoppe has been selling 100% cotton fabric for quilting and crafts for 3 years in Longs, SC. We take pride in offering quality products and excellent customer service. Our owner Victoria has years of experience and quite a following. Elizabeth is the newest member of our Royal Family, bringing her own expertise and passion for quilting to our shoppe. We are excited to continue providing our customers with the best in quilting supplies and services.

Quality Materials

At A Royal Quilt Shoppe, we take pride in offering an exquisite selection of premium 100% cotton fabrics meticulously curated for quilting and crafts. Our commitment to excellence means sourcing only the finest materials, ensuring every creation begins with superior quality. Explore our array of rich, vibrant textiles, each chosen to inspire your imagination and elevate your quilting experience. Discover the difference that quality materials make in crafting enduring and beautiful quilts, as we provide the foundation for your creative journey.

In-Person Workshops

Experience the art of quilting firsthand with our immersive in-person workshops at A Royal Quilt Shoppe. Led by passionate experts from our Royal Family, these hands-on sessions offer a nurturing environment for learning and creativity. Engage with fellow quilting enthusiasts, refine your skills, and uncover new techniques while creating stunning projects. Join us in Longs, SC, and let our workshops become your gateway to unlocking the beauty and joy of quilting, all within a welcoming and supportive community.

Craft Tools Available!

Discover a treasure trove of essential and innovative craft tools at A Royal Quilt Shoppe. From precision cutting implements to specialized quilting aids, our collection is designed to elevate your crafting experience. Explore a curated selection of high-quality tools, meticulously chosen to enhance precision, efficiency, and creativity in every stitch. Elevate your quilting journey with the right tools, empowering you to bring your envisioned masterpieces to life with ease and finesse.

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Save on Fabric at A Royal Quilt Shoppe!

Check out our daily deals to save on your next quilting project.

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